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Althauser Rayan Abbarno is a local law firm that encourages local shopping!

Althauser Rayan Abbarno has served our community in Centralia, WA and beyond  by providing experienced and dedicated legal services since 1946. The majority of our clients reside in SW Washington and Lewis and Thurston counties specifically. We understand how important it is to shop locally and we appreciate your support, trust, and business for more than 70 years.

#ShopSmall is an effort to recognize and support small businesses throughout our community. On Saturday, November 26th, be sure to visit your local small businesses and support their effort to provide quality goods, at reasonable prices, and with unmatched customer service! Shopping local is a great investment, because each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns three times more money to your local economy!

For lists of great local businesses, visit: Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce at;  Centralia Downtown Association at;  Visit Morton at, Destination Packwood Association at;  Experience Chehalis at ExperienceChehalis; City of Centralia, Thurston County Chamber at, Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce at; Tenino Area Chamber of Commerce at; and Discover Lewis County at

Automobile Collision? Let your car tell the story!

When it comes to proving your side of a case, you expect those representing you will use everything in their power to create a compelling story. The more quality evidence you collect, the better your case.  Today, technology has given us ways to know what happened in automobile collisions that people never thought before. The injury attorneys with Althauser Rayan Abbarno explain how a “little black box” and some high-tech know-how can make your case.

Everyone knows airplanes have a black box that help answer questions following a plane crash. But what you may not know is that some more modern automobiles also have them. Called an Event Data Recorder (EDR), these boxes can make a huge difference in your case. That’s why Todd Rayan and Peter Abbarno, partners at Althauser Rayan Abbarno, have made it their business to know all they can about them.

“The black box is important because the facts are often disputed in automobile collisions, whether because of inattentiveness to details at the time of collision or injury prevents accurate recollection,” Peter Abbarno says. “The black box can determine a number of facts that eliminates human memory or perception errors.”

The EDR system can give lawyers like Todd Rayan and Peter Abbarno critical information, including GPS location, acceleration and braking, degree the steering wheel turned, and timing on all of these things. In some vehicles, sensors give it the ability to tell what positions the people in the car were in. For example, was the driver leaning out of their seat to reach for something on the floor? All of this, can make or break a case.

But knowing about the technology isn’t enough. Your law firm needs to act quickly to retrieve the EDR data, especially in cases where the car has been labeled “totaled” by the insurance company. Once the car is compacted, the EDR is destroyed forever. In addition, there are standards to follow, including Civil Discovery Rules, to preserve the evidence from a collision scene.

Read more in the article about Althauser Rayan Abbarno at Let your car tell the story!


Seahawks Week 7 Injury Report: SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL

The Injury Attorneys with Althauser Rayan Abbarno are proud sponsors of the live radio broadcast of the Seattle Seahawks on KMNT 104.3 FM in Centralia – Chehalis and the weekly Seahawks injury report.

For a Free injury consultation in Olympia or Centralia, call the injury attorneys at (360) 736-1301!

The “Phantom Vehicle” is not a Halloween Movie!

The “Phantom Vehicle” is not a Halloween movie. A Phantom Vehicle is a vehicle which causes bodily injury, death, or property damage to an insured person, but the vehicle has no physical contact with the insured or the vehicle the insured is driving or in as a passenger. Insured drivers and passengers may be covered by Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist (UIM/UM) insurance in these types of collisions. Phantom Vehicle collisions include accidents caused by a hydroplaning into an object because of excessive rain or slippery surfaces or even a hit and run. If you were injured in a single car collision, you don’t have to suffer with your injuries or be burdened with excessive out of pocket medical expenses. For more information about making a claim in a Phantom Vehicle collision or for a free consultation in Centralia or Olympia, contact the injury attorneys with Althauser Rayan Abbarno at (360) 736-1301. With offices located in Centralia and Olympia, our attorneys represent clients throughout Washington state, including Centralia / Chehalis; Lacey / Olympia / Tumwater; Kelso /Longview; and Aberdeen / Hoquiam!


Seahawks Week 3 Injury Report

Your personal injury and workers compensation attorneys at Althauser Rayan Abbarno are proud sponsors of the live Seattle Seahawks broadcast on KELA-KMNT 104.3 in Centralia-Chehalis and also provide a Seahawks injury report each week. Althauser Rayan Abbarno has been providing quality legal services for more than 70 years and has office in Centralia and Olympia. For a free injury consultation, call (360) 736-1301.

Independent Medical Exam (IME)? Anything but independent. . .

Are you worried about an upcoming “Independent” Medical Exam? There is nothing independent about an IME!!

An Independent Medical Exam can derail a worker’s medical treatment, financial benefits, and result in premature claim closure! An IME is often scheduled by a Self Insured Employer or the Department of Labor and Industries when the conditions of a claim are disputed, treatment of a condition is disputed, restrictions due to the conditions are disputed, or the Employer or Department of Labor and Industries want to close a claim by finding the condition has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and requires no more treatment.  A claim closing order could result in the termination of all benefits.

Once the report from the IME has been released, the injured worker and the worker’s attending physician has the right dispute the findings and conclusions of the Independent Medical Examiner. It is important to keep an eye on the “clock” since an order must be appealed within 60 days.

Don’t let this happen to your claim. If you’ve had a workplace injury, contact Peter Abbarno at Althauser Rayan Abbarno for a FREE consultation by calling (360) 736-1301. Our offices are conveniently located in Downtown Centralia and Olympia and we represent injured workers throughout Washington State, including Thurston County, Lewis County, Cowlitz County, Grays Harbor County, and Pacific County.