There are two very important things injured workers should do after an injury: get medical help and tell the employer.

Workers’ compensation pays for medical care directly related to your accident or illness. Injured workers are eligible for important benefits. Failing to follow the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry rules and regulations could cost you certain rights and benefits.

If you were injured at work, the first things you should do is:


Get Medical Help

Many falls, cuts, and sprains can become serious injuries if they aren’t treated. Get first aid at your workplace; all employers in Washington are required to provide a first-aid kit. If further treatment is necessary, go to the emergency room or health‑care provider of your choice and tell them you were injured at work.

You have the right to choose your own provider. You are NOT required to use an employer recommended health care provider and your employer does NOT have the right to attend the medical appointment with you.

What to expect from your medical provider

Your doctor will:

  • Certify whether your injury is work-related
  • Help you file a workers’ compensation claim
  • Work with you to decide when you can return to work
  • Recommend any further treatment you may need

If you need medical care after the first visit

For your second visit and beyond, you will need to see a provider in Labor and Industries network. If your regular health care provider is not in the network, choose a new one with the Find a Doctor tool.

You may choose any doctor who is qualified to treat your injury, as long as they are in the Labor and Industires network. You also may get a second medical opinion if your claim manager approves it. You can change providers at any time and/or communicate with your claim manager.

Our Attorneys Can Help You

Althauser Rayan Abbarno attorneys are experienced injury attorneys and can help you navigate your Workers’ Compensation Claim. Workplace Injuries can be complicated. Injured workers may not even know about their guaranteed rights and benefits through their employer and Department of Labor and Industries.

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