What are Loss Of Earning Power Benefits?

Injured workers with an open L&I Claim for workers’ compensation who have returned to work may be eligible for Loss of Earning Power (LEP) Benefits.

LEP benefits can help make up the difference between what you were making at the time of the injury and today; including past benefits. You might be able to claim LEP payments if you’re working part-time or light duty for less pay than you received before the accident and your claim remains open. You can use the Washington L&I LEP Calculator to help determine your possible benefit.

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You may be eligible for Loss of Earning Power Benefits?

There are several factors involved in determining eligibility for Loss of Earning Power benefits in Washington state:

  • Whether the L&I claim is open or not
  • If you’re back at work and receiving wages
  • The loss of earnings exceeds 5% of your wages at the time of the injury
  • Medical certification exists to show you’ve lost earning power due to the injury

Loss of Earning Power Benefits may still be available if you:

  • return to work at a lower wage because you are on modified duty
  • return to work at your regular wage, but your hours are restricted as a result of your workplace injury
  • had more than one job at the time of injury and your injury is restricting you from performing one of the jobs (even if it is not the same job where your injury occurred)

How long do you receive Loss of Earning Power Benefits?

When your L&I claim closes, or you have returned to your full earning capacity, your LEP payments will end.
However, if you suffer a permanent reduction in wages or earning power as a result of your workplace injury, you may be able to claim a permanent partial disability award, a pension, or a structured settlement. An L&I attorney can give you more advice on this.

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