Car Accident and Personal Injury cases are complex. Victims want medical treatment to reach a full recovery and fair and just compensation. Financial Recovery includes several factors including the amount an insurance company compensates you and the amount you have to pay for your treatment.

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The purpose of most personal injury lawsuits is to recoup the financial losses incurred for medical treatment and the loss of property due to an injury that another party is responsible for. A medical lien grants medical care providers the right to compensation should the injured victim be awarded damages or agree to an out-of-court settlement.

The Medical Lien is a very important part of any personal injury case.

What Is a Medical Lien in a Personal Injury Case?

A medical lien is a secured interest in any financial award that you may receive in or out of court when you bring a lawsuit against another party for damages.  Liens are often held against patients who are unable to afford medical care but are involved in an accident that requires immediate treatment.

When are Medical Liens Necessary?

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Patients are often given the choice to pay their medical bills up front, through their Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and through private insurance companies. In some cases, the cost taken from any compensation collected through a personal injury lawsuit.  The cost of treatment is not merely deductibles, but the actual full cost of treatment.

If you were unable to afford the cost of treatment, the total cost of treatment must be satisfied when you receive compensation.

What is the Impact of Medical Liens on Settlements?

Once a settlement is accepted or a court awards the injured person with damages, the medical providers have a right to collect on their debts. The cost of your treatment will be deducted from any damages that you receive.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys understand the process and make every effort  to negotiate with these providers both before and after you’ve received compensation so that we can minimize your costs in order to ensure that you do not need to experience any undue financial hardship.

The lower the medical lien, the more financial compensation you receive from the settlement or compensation award.

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