A study of First Responders published in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services found that 3,447 (86%) of the 4,022 respondents experienced critical stress and 1,383 (37%) of the respondents had contemplated suicide. Sadly, the study found 225 (6.6%) had actually tried to take their own life.

This year, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 6214, which makes Firefighters, Paramedics, and Law Enforcement eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) caused by repeat exposure to trauma and stress. The Attorneys and Staff with Althauser Rayan Abbarno, LLP are happy to see bipartisan steps are being taken to protect those who protect us!

For more information or a free worker’s compensation consultation with our attorneys in Centralia or Olympia, call Althauser Rayan Abbarno, LLP at (360) 736-1301. If you or a loved one is a First Responder suffering from PTSD and has contemplated suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’, or your local mental health care professional. If you need assistance, we are here to help connect you to the right medical professional