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Category Archives: Family Practice

Divorce Question: What is Community Property?

“What is Community Property” is a very common question asked during a divorce consultation with our attorneys at Althauser Rayan Abbarno.  Knowing community/separate property and how it is distributed is very important to any person going through a divorce.

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What is “community property”?

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Washington is a “community property” state. Generally, property acquired during marriage is presumed community property, with both parties having an equal but undivided interest in the property. Community property laws can be complicated and may required tracing the origins of the property or improvement of the property.  Couples who have been married a long time, who have significant property, or who own a business will want to seek legal advice on how to best determine a fair and equitable distribution.

What is “separate property”? “

Separate property” means property that does no constitute community property.  Generally, separate property is real and personal property owned before marriage, or received during the marriage as a gift or  inheritance, or that was bought with separate money. In some cases, determining what is separate property can be complex or unclear and getting legal advice can be important.

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Parenting Plan Modifications: Major or Minor

To modify an existing Parenting Plan means to change the Parenting Plan.  A Major Modification is a Petition to Change Parenting Plan asking for a big change to your current Parenting Plan.  A Minor Modification asks for only small changes. The standards are different for proving each modification.

You must prove there is a good reason at the first “Adequate Cause” hearing to make a Major Modification of your Parenting Plan.  The burden is on the person wanting to change the parenting plan and the burden is very high and only in limited circumstances.  Consult with an experienced Family Law Attorney like Emily Laz at Althauser Rayan Abbarno before attempting to modify an existing parenting plan.  Call (360) 736-1301 for a consultation in Olympia or Centralia.

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Family Law 101: Know your rights!

On a scale of 1 to 10 for scariest kinds (types) of attorneys, some would argue a family law attorney is around a 9. At least that is what they say about the attorney on the other (opposing) side. That’s because in most cases your marriage is ending or you are fighting for custody of your children. Both highly charged with emotion: love and hate.

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