Injured workers in the State of Washington may qualify for vocational retraining. Workers and a vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC) draft a training plan for a new job, if the worker is unable to return to the job of injury.

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How does COVID vaccination status impact a worker’s retraining plan?

Recent Department of Labor and Industries guidance indicates that VRCs should be “proactive” in addressing the plan and consider the following:

  • If the proposed retraining plan includes in-person training, does the training site require vaccination? Will the worker be able to meet the requirement to start on the first day?
  • Has the worker taken steps to meet the specific qualifications for exemptions, if appropriate?
  • Has the worker already been granted an exemption by the training site?
  • If a worker refuses to receive the vaccination, what other retraining options are available?
  • Is the retraining goal still feasible?

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The scenarios can get complicated and there is a lot of risk to injured workers in a retraining program. At Althauser Rayan Abbarno, our attorneys will fight for the rights and benefits of each and every injured worker we represent. Retraining programs are an essential part of the workers’ compensation process.

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