If you are injured at work, an employee may make a Workers’ Compensation claim through the Department of Labor and Industries. Under the Industrial Insurance Act, employers receive nearly complete immunity from liability outside of the Industrial Insurance Act.

What happens if you are injured at work by someone other than another employee?

If a “third party” (someone whos is not another employee) is at fault, then the injured worker may elect to personally pursue a third-party action. Common examples of third-party claims may include:

  • Car accidents while on the job
  • Accidents while working on the premises other than your employer
  • Work injuries sustained from a negligent contractor or subcontractor

Under a third-party action, you may be entitled to full compensation of all special and general damages. These damages may also include “pain and suffering” a benefit not available through a workers’ compensation claim.

When these cases arise, you want an attorney with experience in both Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury.  In most cases, an employee injured by a third party opens a claim under workers’ compensation and makes a personal injury claim. This protects the employee’s rights and benefits. This process is complicated!

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